The best programming language to learn in 2021 | As A Beginner or As a Advanced Player

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2 min readJan 18, 2021


Choosing the best programming language

If you have heard about many aspiring tech giants like google, facebook, Amazon and many more. These companies are the companies which were started by an individual person, in a garage.

Mark Zuckerberg, who is the founder and CEO of which is the biggest social media network, till today. It has over 2.5 billions monthly users. But Mark Zuckerberg was not always like this. He was just a simple guy sitting in a room coding 80–100 hours a week. He is now worth more than a 100 billion dollars.

But why are we talking about it.

It’s because everything Mark did was related to coding. If he had not start coding in his 14, he would not get to this place where he is now.

So, Let’s get started,

Our first programming language is JavaScript, not only because I am a Web Developer but it is also because it is a multipurpose language.

You can use this language is Data Structures and Algorithms, Web Development, App Development and Artificial Intelligence.

Not only, You can also manufacture games with it and play it with your friends

This language has many frameworks like

  1. React : Web Development (Used By Facebook, Instagram and Uber for their front-end development)
  2. Node : Backend Web Development (Used By LinkedIn, Netflix, PayPal)
  3. React Native : Mobile App Development (Used by Facebook, Instagram, Skype etc. to make their apps). This is a library which supports Android and IOS Development and it is totally based on react.
  4. TensorFlow : This is a AI library developed by Google and can be used in JavaScript. This framework is also supported by Python

There are many-many libraries & Frameworks that you can use like jquery, express, Angular, Vue etc.

So, If you are a total beginner or a very advanced player, then you should definitely learn this language for your development in career.

Who knows that you will be the next Mark Zuckerberg || Larry Page || Elon Musk😊😊

Thank you, for reading. Hope this helps.