How to become the most genius person like Tony Stark

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3 min readJan 19, 2021

We all are big fans of Marvel and Iron Man is everybody’s favorite. Everybody in this world wants to be like him, But But But!!!

Do you know how to get to that point of successful business and a suspenseful life. So, Let’s get started,

Tony Stark who was born as a genius was master in many many fields and due to his death in Avengers Endgame, we don’t know exactly in how many fields he had exceled.

We are going to categorize all his knowledge into 3 fields, which can give you a life overview to become like “I am Iron Man”😎

  1. Mechanical Engineering: Some of you may know that Mechanical Engineering is called the parent field of all the branches of engineering and according to the research he had a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Electrical Engineering.
    Iron Man movie, it is clearly visible that he spends his most of the time working on either his car collection or making his armor.
    Both of these things are related to Mechanical Engineering vastly. So if you want to become like him, you have to learn mechanical engineering yourself because you might take some other courses in your college.
    Mechanical Engineering can be learnt at home through books and some resources like youtube and udemy.
    Learning like a very poor man won’t help you, you have to spend 100–120 hours working. You know the quote: “
    Work Like Hell

2. Programming: Anything without programming won’t work. You’ve seen JARVIS or FRIDAY, and these tools can be the reason why you want to become like him.
He is a very good programmer with his works in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Graphic Designing, UI Interfaces etc.
He has some remarkable AI’s like JARVIS, FRIDAY, ULTRON or VISION.
If you want to get started with programming then you can refer to this link:
Not only learning these would help you to become like him. You have to master Ethical Hacking, Artificial Intelligence and Many fields.
The above link will tell you to learn the programming language which can give you the taste of the programming world.

3. Rocket Scientist: Many real-life heroes like Elon Musk or APJ Abdul Kalam who are great people, also were a rocket scientist.
You have seen Marvel Movies and you know that Tony Stark has that much technology that he can fly in the space in his rocket.
Rocket Science can be one of the most difficult field to learn other than the two, but becoming Tony Stark is not a short journey. He was polishing his skills from the time that he was born and had taken the time to become what we all remember.

Hope you like reading this and it helps you becoming the next iron man in the human history. Hope you take some bold steps towards your goal.

Thank you!👏👏👏